Cell Nodes

The digital dynamo for processing, storing, protecting and sharing impact claims data. Deployed as fully decentralised virtual containers that are identified and secured on the ixo blockchain. A marvel built for Web 3 data sovereignty and interoperability! ixo-pods provide the open-source software infrastructure for all types of data-intensive sustainable development applications.

Automatically deploys when a project is initiated. Configures to the requirements of the project. Validates claim submissions in real-time (eliminating duplicates). Built for high-definition data, based on the new web standards for verifiable claims. Stores data in a cryptographically secured private ledger. Identified and secured by the ixo public blockchain. Includes a powerful event sourcing module and web APIs. Access is controlled by decentralised authentication. Enables secure communications and messaging. Project Founders own and control their project data and decide where this should be hosted. This is free open-source software that is fast, inexpensive and highly scalable.

ixo Data Stores are fast, cost-effective, highly scalable and fully interoperable with a wide range of services.

You hold the keys to your data and decide who gets access. Processes project data automatically, as each claim is checked and validated on submission. No more double-counting. Record claims in a high-definition data format that is machine-readable and verifiable. Each project Publishes claims metadata to the ixo public blockchain, for transparency, accountability and trust. Built for Web 3.

Collect, validate, store and share your project data with private, secure, decentralised data containers, your data is always Built for Web 3, ixo Project Data Stores automatically process and store claims in a new high-definition data format. Each claim is validated and published to the public ixo blockchain.

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