Data Asset Schema

The standard for describing a Data Asset

Templates for Data Assets in ixo Documents use a structured data format based on open schemas (mainly to describe any type of Data Asset existing within the Internet of Impact.

Types of data assets

  • A structured object, such as Verifiable Claim, with a data model that can be processed using a specific tool or algorithm

  • An algorithm for processing or transforming data

  • A table or a CSV file with some data

  • An organised collection of tables

  • A search query

  • A collection of files which are related in a way that provides a meaningful dataset

  • Images capturing data

  • Files relating to machine learning, such as trained parameters or neural network structure definitions

  • Anything else that looks like a data asset!

The standard data model (schema) for data assets

The ixo standard for data assets is compatible with Web 2.0 guidelines for dataset providers used to describe data for search engines such as Google to better understand the content of pages. Data assets are easier to find and understand when they are described with metadata such as name, description, creator, format, etc.

The schema describing Data Assets within ixo Documents implements the Dataset structure.

Dataset example

For example, if the Data Asset is a Dataset, we would use the definition of Dataset as described in the following table. Included, is information about the publication of the dataset such as the license, when it was published, and identifier(DOI) or sameAs pointing to a canonical version of this Dataset object in a different repository.

Add identifier, license, and sameAs for Datasets that provide provenance and license information.


The full definition of DataCatalog is available at

Datasets are often published in repositories that contain many other datasets. The same dataset can be included in more than one such repository. You can refer to a data catalog that this dataset belongs to by referencing it directly.


The full definition of DataDownload is available at In addition to Dataset properties, add the following properties for datasets that provide download options.

The distribution property describes how to get the dataset itself because the URL often points to the landing page describing the dataset. The distribution property describes where to get the data and in what format. This property can have several values: for instance, a CSV version has one URL and an Excel version is available at another.

Tabular datasets

A tabular dataset is one organised primarily in terms of a grid of rows and columns. For pages that embed tabular datasets, you can also create more explicit markup, building on the basic approach described above.

Attribution and further resources

The structured data model for ixo data assets builds on and Google Developer guidelines. To build and test Data Asset templates, a great resource is Google's Structured Data Markup Helper.

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