ixo Blockchain (old)

The Impact blockchain for the Cosmos ecosystem

The following instructions allow you to run a single node network on your local machine and interact with it using the command line interface (CLI). It is the simplest way to become familiar with the ixo Blockchain.

After completing this guide you can run a node on the pandora testnet.

We recommend the use of Docker and Docker Compose. The configuration files are provided in the ixo-blockchain directory.

Another way to interact with a node is the ixo MultiClient SDK, instead of CLI.


You will need the following to install and run the ixo binary:


Install ixo

The ixo binary is named ixod and serves as the node client and the application client. In other words, the ixo binary can be used to both run a node and to interact with it.

Clone the ixo repository:

git clone https://github.com/ixofoundation/ixo-blockchain.git

Change to the ixo-blockchain directory:

cd ixo-blockchain

Check out the latest stable version:

git checkout main

Run a node

Start a session (let's refer to it as session 1).

Install the ixo binary.

#session 1
make install

Check to make sure the installation was successful.

ixod version

Start the ixo-blockchain node using pre-configured data.


The script will start the blockchain and create accounts appropriate for the ixo-blockchain to enable easy interaction. The blocks will progress and you should see the logs to confirm it.

Interact with the node

Start another session (let's refer to it as session 2).

Use the ixod CLI to query the total bank balances.

# session 2
ixod query bank total

You can now interact successfully with the ixo binary.

Stop and restart the node

Go back to session 1.

Stop the running node using CTRL + C.

There are two ways to restart the node:

  1. With the same data and continuing from the same block height.

ixod start
  1. or with the data reset to the first time the node started successfully and from block height 1.

make run_with_all_data

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