Configure a Claim Template


The simplest way to start configuring a claim template is to use a pre-existing template as the basis. Templates can be found in the Templates Explorer section of the ixo-webclient.

To create a new Claim Template from scratch, you can ask the ixo-assistant to guide you through the process by asking something like "I want to create a new Service Claim template". This will open up the relevant page in the ixo-webclient where you can complete the claim template setup using the configuration form.

Every claim template has three sections, with associated objects:

  1. Form fields, which includes the following types of cards:

  • Short text

  • Long Text

  • Multiple-choice

  • Radio button

  • Photo capture / image upload

  • Picture selector

  • Sliding scale

  • Video capture / file upload

  • Sound recording / file upload

  • Document scan / file upload

  • QR code scan

  • Email with validation

  • Mobile phone with validation

  • Identity and credential with validation

  • Profile photo for identity verification

  1. Settings, which includes metadata about the claim template:

  • Creator

  • Owner

  • Status

  • Version

  • Terms of Use

  • Privacy Settings

  • Privacy Credentials

  • Filters

  • Display Credentials

  • Embedded Analytics

  1. Advanced Settings

  • Linked Entities

  • Payments

  • Staking

  • Nodes

  • Funding

  • Keys

  • Services

  • Data

Verifiable Claims are defined as a JSON Schema using JSON-LD.

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