Welcome to The Internet of Impacts

Pioneered by ixo

Digital Infrastructure for the Impacts Economy

Our mission is to enable organisations across the world to coordinate, finance, deliver and verify Impacts at Internet-scale.

The Internet of Impacts provides foundational digital infrastructure for the Impacts Economy

The ixo Platform

The ixo Platform is an open-source software stack:

  • The ixo Layer 1 blockchain is purpose-built to implement the ixo Protocol and related services for coordinating, financing, delivering, and verifying Impacts at Internet-scale.

The ixo Protocol

Verifiable Claims capture tamper-proof and accountable digital records of the state of the world, about any imaginable subject.

Claims are evaluated by independent trusted verification services (which ixo describes as Prediction Oracles).

Verified claims with their crypto-economic proofs and data assets are issued as tokenised. For instance a Carbon Emission Reduction claim can produce a verified, information-rich Carbon Credit token.

Tokenised Impact makes the results of development processes more precisely measurable and valuable. Tokens can be traded and used in decentralised development finance mechanisms, such as ixo Alphabonds for Adaptive Financing.

Everyone is invited to participate

  • If you feel inspired to learn more: You have come to the right place. Read the docs or ask oxi the Impacts Co-Pilot.

  • If you want to do more: Join the Internet of Impacts DAO community.

  • If you are ready to make an impact: Form or become a member of an Impact DAO, launch a Project, invest in or create an Impact Asset Collection, fund or issue an Impact Investment, use or deliver an Impact Oracle Service, and implement or create your own powerful data-driven Impact Protocols.

  • If you want to build software or data solutions: Visit the ixo Developers Portal.

  • If you want to host an Impact Marketplace or Impact Exchange: Get in touch with the ixo team.

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