ixo Protocol Blockchains

Software infrastructure for the Internet of Impact.

The ixo blockchain is open-source software to provide computational and data storage infrastructure for the Internet of Impact. This implements open standards to form an inter-operable network of networks. Anyone can set up an ixo blockchain based network, which will provide users with a common set of functionalities.

A network running the core ixo blockchain software can fulfil the following functional requirements:

A modular SDK framework

The ixo Blockchain software is modular. Application-specific networks can configure these modules for their purpose, add new modules, or swap-out some of the non-core modules. These modules are written in Go.

ixo blockchain SDK modules

The purpose of each module is briefly outlined in the table and described in technical detail on the linked pages.

Built using the Cosmos-SDK framework

The ixo blockchain SDK shares a set of core blockchain modules with the Cosmos-SDK and is built using the same standards. The Cosmos-SDK is a software development kit for building application-specific blockchains.

This enables functional interoperability between blockchains that implement the same modules.

For example:

  • The MsgSend function transfers fungible tokens of designated denominations between counter-parties, using the bank module.

  • The accountquerier function, which is part of the Auth Module, returns information about an account, regardless of which chain this account is created on.

  • The IBC moduleenables messages to be sent between blockchain networks implementing the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol.

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