The ixo Protocol

Data Standards

Data standards are the rules by which information is organised, described, formatted, transmitted, and made available for different uses.

These standards include, but are not limited to, data models, data elements (sometimes referred to as schemas), data formats, and data protocols.

The ixo-Protocol describes data standards which are relevant to information about impacts and changes in the observable state of the world. This enables impacts and world states to be described, verified, compared, and transformed into digital assets.

The ixo Protocol provides standards for:

Data standards make it easier to publish, share, and use data across diverse communities. Standards can significantly enhance data quality, open new markets, promote innovation, enable the creation of sharable tools and services, lower costs for data production and use, support policy implementation, encourage collaboration, and much more.

ixo-Protocol data standards are based on the W3C specifications for Linked-data, Verifiable Credentials and Decentralised Identifiers.

Methodological Standards

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