Verifiable Claims


Verifiable Claims are the basis for all identified data objects in the Internet of Impact.

Claims are nodes in the Impact Graph. They have relationship edges with the entities which issue, hold, inspect, proof and are the subjects of these claims.

Verifiable Claims encode high-definition data, which has the following characteristics:

  1. Resolution to decentralised identifier keys (DID)

  2. Linked-data contexts for resolving ontologies

  3. Cryptographic verifiability of the data object

  4. Content addressability (each claim has a unique identity)

  5. Cryptographic authentication of the subject identifier

  6. Cryptographic authentication of the issuer identifier

Types of Verifiable Claims

Verifiable Claim Type

Primary Purpose

Service Claim

Procurement Claim

Outcome Claim

Identity Claim

Associates attribute values with an identifier. The basis for issuing a Verifiable Credential.

Dispute Claim

Investment Claim

Provenance Claim

Custody Claim

Banking Claim

Use of Funds Claim

Structure of a Verifiable Claim

Claim objects

Data model

Validation using JSON Schema

Claim signatures

Verifiable Claim encoding

Verifiable Claims are serialised as JSON-LD data schema.

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